It’s Everyone’s Halloween!

It's Everyone's Halloween

As Halloween quickly approaches, we anticipate those little ghosts, witches, goblins, and super heroes. We think of everything! Or do we?
We get the house decorated, make the yard look inviting, buy the candy, and dress for successful frights in the night! Some families really get into it and have a Haunted Walkway or a small Haunted House available for those who dare and aren’t afraid of a scare.
As we look back on past Halloweens, I want you to try remembering those moments that you got upset or annoyed with a trick or treat guest. How many noticed the child that takes too long to grab that piece of candy? How about the child that grabs several pieces? Even better, the child without the costume? There are many reasons these situations occur. Not all children are the same. However, they all have a common goal on Halloween! The goal is to go out and become anyone they want to be while getting amazing treats!
The picture in this post is wonderful to read. Whoever offered it up to be shared for all, I thank you for speaking up! You represent children very well and remind us to be patient, caring, and non-judgmental! You reminded me that it really is everyone’s Halloween. You spoke volumes with the picture! As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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