#FallHolidays Twitter Party Successful

On Saturday, October 12, 2013:
I hosted the #FallHolidays Twitter Party. My co-host was JoBeth Butcher of http://freeforfreehurry.blogspot.com/ and she did a wonderful job passing out the treats.

We had an amazing time with a grand total of 109 Twitter Party participants. They were tweeting their hearts out! It was a great questions and answers session & was enjoyed by all!

The door prize, a Scentsy Plug-in Frankenstein was provided by https://www.facebook.com/melrosplacescentsy
The Girl and Boy prize packs were provided by JoBeth Butcher.
The Tupperware prize was provided by https://www.facebook.com/SouthFloridaTupperwareGirl
Grand Prize, the Leapster Reader was provided by JoBeth Butcher.

I want to thank each of you for making the prizes available! Readers, be sure to show their pages some love too!

We were trending at #2 on the list! I was very excited to see everyone doing such an amazing job moving us up the list! Thank you all for participating, sharing pictures, and great music! What is a party without tunes? Keep your eyes on my blog for future parties.

If your company would like to be promoted by JoBeth and I via a Twitter Party, please contact us:

JoBeth Butcher

Email: chris_email29@yahoo.com Twitter: @09jojo09

Edna Myers

Email: sweetsaver_68@hotmail.com Twitter: @sweetsaver_68


Our Twitter Party Express Team will be happy to assist you!




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