Milton The Magnificent

Milton was born Feb. 13, 2013. He is a Yorkshire Terrier – Parti Carrier and was only supposed to weigh 5 lbs. However, this bundle of cuteness grew to be 10.5 lbs of Love, Loyalty, Fun, & Energy! Milton has so much character! I wouldn’t trade my fur baby for anything.

He speaks to me about many things including how upset he is that ANYTHING is on HIS cushion of the couch. If I don’t move it out of the way, he flips it out of his way. The following items can be found in the floor: cell phone, tablet, TV remotes, ink pens, and even my glasses!

If Milton walks past his Bella food & water bowls (he received from Loving Pets Products) and they are empty, he will let me know very quickly that I need to take care of that! Let me just say this, demanding is an understatement! He will go as far as trying to push the laptop off my lap to get the task taken care of.

All of this brings me to something I must share with all of you:


If at any time your fur baby hits their head…Please keep a close eye on them just like you would your child. One night, Milton hit his little head on the door facing as he turned really fast to follow Shawn. He didn’t yelp at all. In fact, all he did was shake his head like “Wow that hurt”.  About 20 minutes later, he poohed on the carpet! This was surprising to us because he is potty trained very well. The rest of the evening he played fetch, was doing great, potty was normal and where it was supposed to be. Nothing to make us alarmed at all.
The next morning, Shawn comes rushing in the bedroom carrying Milton & screaming at the top of his lungs for me to get up right now! Of course, I thought the house must be on fire. No, much worse!!! My baby boy was having what seemed to be a seizure. I tried to comfort him, stay calm, and be proactive. Okay, I failed miserably at this and was unable to even dial the phone from shaking so bad in fear of losing him.
We got a hold of our Doctor at Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic. He met with us very quickly at the office. It seems Milton has had a seizure. We think when he hit his head it may have caused the seizure activity.  He was given a shot that made him sleep and yet his little leg kept sticking straight out. It was the worst moment I have dealt with in a long time. The Vet gave me  Phenobarbital pills for him and we used those for 2 weeks. After that, he was taken off of the medication. Will he have another seizure!?!? I hope to never find out. My nerves simply will not take another upset like that. It has been three weeks without medication and he is doing great!
So if you see me sharing his picture like a proud mommy, I am exactly that! I am lucky to have him and love to show him off!  Please take care of your fur babies, take them to the Vet regularly, and pay attention to odd behaviors. That is key to a long, loving, loyal, and fun relationship with your magnificent little sidekick. Image

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pinkmama68
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 12:54:35

    This post is so true! My mom’s lil dog (shih tzu) got hurt in August (my nephew threw her a couple times- my kids saw him do it) and now can’t walk at the moment. She had couple seizures back to back, my mom mom rushed her to the vet and still unsure what to do or if she will ever be ok. She just started rolling over and drinking/eating from a dish but not walking yet. My mom is taking care of her like a newborn-she would do anything for her! It’s just sad! Such a lil dog can be in so much pain. Thank goodness your doggie is doing good now!


  2. sweetsaver68
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 06:17:26

    Can I make a suggestion to you? Find a Chiropractor. Chances are your mom’s fur baby needs adjusted. It helped another dog in the Louisville area. The Vet told the family of the dog they would suggest putting it down. They told their Chiropractor. He examined the dog, adjusted him….and much to their surprise, the dog can now walk.


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