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Gift Card Giveaway

Follow @TwiPartyExpress & RT 2 Win $10.00 Burger King GC Sorry US only. #GiftCard #Win #Giveaway Winner picked 5PM EST Friday 11/01/13

This is a personal giveaway, This does not have anything to do with Burger King! I am providing this gift card from my own expense account.

Milton wants to be a dog again…RIGHT MEOW!

Can you please stop taking pictures?

Can you please stop taking pictures?

I want to give a special shout out to PetSmart for the great Halloween toy and Martha Stewart Black Cat Costume. I also want to thank for making it possible for Milton to look so adorable by having a great giveaway. Please be sure to go show PetSmart and blog some love!
The toy is so much fun that the other toys have stayed in his little basket. It makes a crinkle noise like his treat bags and keeps his attention for long periods of time. I have finally seen his selfish side. He will let you touch the toy, but you can’t have it!
The Martha Stewart Black Cat costume is so adorable. The first one was small and we had to trade up to a larger side. Dressing Milton in the costume was easy once Shawn and I cornered him. Yes, he thinks running and barking is fun even when we are just putting his harness on for an “O-U-T” trip! Much to my surprise, the fit was Purrfect! Milton was a good sport as long as the hat flopped on his back. As you can see, he got sick of the photos being taken of him wearing the costume. He probably knows I am going to show it off to the world and this concerns him greatly. My favorite part of this moment was when he started walking like his legs couldn’t bend. I laughed so hard, I actually had tears running down my face. Again, Milton was not amused with my antics!
This will be Milton’s first Halloween and we are looking forward to taking him out for the trick or treating at the neighbor’s house!

* I received both of these products as a prize from entering a giveaway.

** I was  not compensated for this article. All opinions are 100% my own.


It’s Everyone’s Halloween!

It's Everyone's Halloween

As Halloween quickly approaches, we anticipate those little ghosts, witches, goblins, and super heroes. We think of everything! Or do we?
We get the house decorated, make the yard look inviting, buy the candy, and dress for successful frights in the night! Some families really get into it and have a Haunted Walkway or a small Haunted House available for those who dare and aren’t afraid of a scare.
As we look back on past Halloweens, I want you to try remembering those moments that you got upset or annoyed with a trick or treat guest. How many noticed the child that takes too long to grab that piece of candy? How about the child that grabs several pieces? Even better, the child without the costume? There are many reasons these situations occur. Not all children are the same. However, they all have a common goal on Halloween! The goal is to go out and become anyone they want to be while getting amazing treats!
The picture in this post is wonderful to read. Whoever offered it up to be shared for all, I thank you for speaking up! You represent children very well and remind us to be patient, caring, and non-judgmental! You reminded me that it really is everyone’s Halloween. You spoke volumes with the picture! As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

#FallHolidays Twitter Party Successful

On Saturday, October 12, 2013:
I hosted the #FallHolidays Twitter Party. My co-host was JoBeth Butcher of and she did a wonderful job passing out the treats.

We had an amazing time with a grand total of 109 Twitter Party participants. They were tweeting their hearts out! It was a great questions and answers session & was enjoyed by all!

The door prize, a Scentsy Plug-in Frankenstein was provided by
The Girl and Boy prize packs were provided by JoBeth Butcher.
The Tupperware prize was provided by
Grand Prize, the Leapster Reader was provided by JoBeth Butcher.

I want to thank each of you for making the prizes available! Readers, be sure to show their pages some love too!

We were trending at #2 on the list! I was very excited to see everyone doing such an amazing job moving us up the list! Thank you all for participating, sharing pictures, and great music! What is a party without tunes? Keep your eyes on my blog for future parties.

If your company would like to be promoted by JoBeth and I via a Twitter Party, please contact us:

JoBeth Butcher

Email: Twitter: @09jojo09

Edna Myers

Email: Twitter: @sweetsaver_68


Our Twitter Party Express Team will be happy to assist you!



Fall in all of it’s wonder!

I adore the fall season and all the amazingly fun activities. I hope all of your calendars have empty spaces to add some fun with the family/friends. In this post, I will be asking questions and would love to see creative answers. Ready? Here we go!

  1. What Fall tradition has your family handed down through time?
  2. Where is your favorite pumpkin patch? You can give the url for them if available.
  3. Favorite Fall food? Get creative with this one and even include the recipe if you want to share.
  4. Halloween is coming at us quickly. What will you dress up as this year?
  5. Do you decorate your home in/outdoors for the Fall season? What is your favorite decoration?
  6. Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for many things. Take the challenge and give thanks for something different each day starting Nov. 1st. Who is with me? I will post a new blog on Nov. 1st stating my first thankful. Each day I will edit the post to add a new one. You can comment on the post with yours. (hoping when I edit that it doesn’t delete your comment. If it does we will iron that out quickly)

7.  Who has the Happiest Blog?

Thank you for taking part in my Q&A session and come back for the Thankful post in November!Fall at Shakamak State Park

Twitter Party

Join me for a fun hour discussing the #FallHolidays

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 7PM EST

Host: Edna Myers @sweetsaver_68

Co – Host: JoBeth Butcher @09jojo09

Hashtag: #FallHolidays

Prizes awarded during the party

RSVP here:

*Link to view prizes at the bottom below InLinky.

Be sure to RT for a chance at the door prize.

Must be a minimum of 18 yrs old, follow host/co-host, and actively participating in the party.

This party is both self sponsored and sponsored.

Grand Prize!

Grand Prize!


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